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Just finished the “Me Years”, what a rollercoaster of imagery and spiritual thought. Wow. Not to mention I felt like I wanted to punch some guy in the face at times. Now this is good reading. But in the end, it is the beautiful, descriptive story that carries me forward.


carry on there will be peace when you’re done

Look forward to checking out the book and catching up with you one of these days. Best wishes for your latest endeavor.



Endeavour to persevere!

Loved the Open Letter… essay. My wife, Linda, and I went through a similar challenge. She comes from a long line of Catholic Liberals, I from old-school Repubuplicans, with many side trips to all points political. Bill Clinton was our catalyst where we Agreed to Disagree! Fast forward 15 years and we are now both die hard Anarcho-Capitalists and Ron Paulians! (We also have 5 divorces between us.) So, hang in there, it’s only too late when you’re dead!


Occamz Razor

My Years

Hmmm…I like the title. Let’s be honest, all of our years are ”Me Years”.

Congrats LN,

It’s so exciting. I’ll send you my address for a free copy. Are you doing any signings? Fine, I’ll buy the book.

Brine Chutes
Troy, NY

You’re welcome

I tried to read the book but was asked to pay for it. I am God. I will not pay for words that I provided for you. Please send me my comped copy by mail ASAP.


http://I am God. I do not NEED a website. But I can be found at one of those adorable cat-doing-funny-human-thing websites

Live! on the Internet

Ellen, congratulations on the book launch. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, and I’m proud to have helped you some with this project.
I have always thought you are an incredibly creative writer. I love your essays,
and hope to see more from you.
The book was humorous, poetic, touching and daring. A wonderful read, even for someone who might not fit your target audience (amoral artist & gambler).
I wish you lots of success!
– c.1881